My Story

Just a girl trying to hike every trail in Washington

Hello fellow outdoor enthusiasts! It's time I told you a little about myself. For starters, my name is Michele Harrod. Yes, you saw correctly, that is Michele spelled with one L. I spend as much time as I can in the outdoors, camping, hunting and especially hiking. All of the time I have spent in the woods, and my love for it is why I am on this mission. One of my biggest goals in life is to hike every trail in Washington. Yes, every trail! This means each hike I do is brand new to me, never repeating because there is always new territory to explore! To pull this off it requires spending time reviewing several maps and planning hikes, especially in areas where multiple trails connect. At the bottom of the page I listed some resources I use to plan hikes, hope you find them useful too!

A little more about me

Some of the resources I use
-Washington Trails Association, I love reading all of the hiker reviews- it gives you a much better sense of the hike.
-Topo Maps+ (App) This app is one of the best ones I have seen so far, you can choose from several different map types and purchase higher quality ones. Screen shot the topo map of where you are headed so you can navigate if you get off trail.
-View Ranger (App) Is great for close up detailed trail maps. For me I like having a second version of a map, and this is perfect for if.